balancing mind and body

balancing mind and body

balancing mind and body


Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing.  It uses energy to balance the body and mind.  The benefits of Reiki can be felt by both the practitioner and the client.

It’s believed that Reiki improves just about any aspect of life and is a technique based on healing energy.  This energy can be channelled to the client to activate healing and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Receiving Reiki is a wonderfully relaxing experience.  It can be carried out while the client is seated or lying on a couch.

This hand on technique is non-invasive and used as a channel for the universal life energy which flows through to where the client needs it most. It is widely accepted that Reiki can be given and received just as effectively hands-off or via distant healing.

The benefits of receiving Reiki include:

  • improves sleep
  • reduces blood pressure
  • helps relieve pain
  • increases energy levels
  • creates deep relaxation
  • clears the mind and improves focus; and
  • speeds up the body’s self-healing ability

You don’t need to be ill to experience the benefits of Reiki.