balancing mind and body

balancing mind and body

balancing mind and body

Aura Soma (R)

Aura Soma (R)Aura Soma (R) translates to ‘Light Body’

It’s about:

  • conscious thought
  • bringing balance, ease and awareness to all levels of the body, mind and spirit
  • helping you to move towards positive well-being and personal growth

Aura Soma (R) is a non-intrusive, self selective soul system.  You pick the colours; therefore, you are the colours you choose and these reflect your individual needs!

Our colour preferences can reveal the deepest aspects of who we are,  what we are here to do and what we need for optimal well-being.

By selecting four bottles; most of them a combination of two different colours; from these we can discover a deeper understanding of:

  • your potential
  • your gifts and challenges
  • what’s coming into your life in the present; and
  • opportunities in the future.

Both the therapist and the client actively engage with each other during this consultation.